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Margaret & Ian Smith, Park Ave. New York

(This client found me on the internet and purchased his new home sight unseen based on my knowledge & expertise. I handled both sides of the transaction & helped him close in 11 days!)

Within the last 10 years, my husband and I have had three real estate transactions on Longboat Key. We were introduced to Judy Kepecz-Hays as the most successful realtor in the area, so we decided to have her handle the first sale of a small house. The next transaction involved the buying and 10 years later the selling of a condominium, also on Longboat Key.

In all these instances Judy was in charge of all aspects of the deals and we could not have been more pleased. From listing to closing, all work was handled professionally, efficiently, pleasantly, and above all to our great satisfaction. Attention to detail by Judy and her colleagues brought the contracts to conclusion without undue complications. I have never had any hesitation, nor would in the future, in recommending Judy to a prospective seller or buyer.