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Connie Parker, Longboat Key

I cannot begin to tell you how important your professionalism was when you recently sold my home. As you and I have discussed, homes are part places to live, places to create memories with family and friends, creative/sacred space, and, financial investment tools. I can think of no other group of metaphors that captures so much of the human necessity and condition. People in your profession have to be part economist, marketing professional, designer, sales guru, teacher, psychologist and in the end, hopefully, gain and are rewarded with the role of trusted financial advisor and friend. All of these things are a lot to consider, recognize, value, and ultimately sell in the residential real estate business.

My home was very special to me. It was an extension of all of the things I value and love. It took hard work to be able to buy it. It took time and effort to create a space that was reflective of who I am and what I wanted people to feel when they come to visit or enter the space. It represented the collection of all things that I love: family and friends; art; cultural heritage; and, even a lot of care and upkeep to keep it functioning and working in tip-top shape. I suppose all of those things go unrecognized in most typical residential real estate transactions. Most people see walls, a roof, and landscaping; they see market data. Most residential real estate professionals don’t understand the emotional connections most people have to their homes and they miss an opportunity to connect something very tangible from the seller to the buyer.

You saw, felt and understood, all of these opportunities from the first time we met at the house. The first time I was with you and your team you all understood who I was and what this house represented to me and my family. In short, you got it.

You developed a marketing and advertising plan that caught and captured all the important things about my home. You worked with me as an equal business partner to get the best price for the market. You communicated often and well as most good business people do. I felt equally involved and understood. And, in the end, you brought a buyer who saw, appreciated and understood what they were getting. The process of selling residential real estate worked as it should be, emotionally, and financially rewarding.

You and your team did your job on every level. From beginning to end I felt respected and cared for. Thank you for being my trusted advisors and friends!