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Sarasota CornersLargeInbound Migration from North

Sarasota ranks among the leading U.S. metro areas,attracting relocating residents according to recent industry data. It shows Sarasota’s inbound migration next only to Wilmington, NC in the top 10 move-in destinations in 2020.

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (MI) culled this data from moving company United Van Lines. The company’s figures indicated that Sarasota drew 78 percent move-ins last year. This was just a percentage point behind Wilmington’s 79 percent. Other Florida metros in the top 10 include Fort Myers (No. 5) and Melbourne (No. 7).

Taps flow from big-city exodus

The Manhattan Institute’s report also showed that outbound migration is strongest in more expensive metros, with move-outs dominant from the urban centers of New York and New Jersey. Americans largely decided to move either southbound or westbound to seek a better quality of life and lower living costs, the institute noted.

Sarasota, with its small-city vibe but an exuberant lifestyle, truly has all that it takes to corner a large slice of the outbound migration from the north. In a nutshell, relocating folks are drawn to this charming metro on Florida’s west coast because of the following factors:

Affordable and eclectic home choices

The Sarasota real estate market offers some of the more affordable residential choices. In 2020, the median home price in Sarasota was estimated at $267,628. This compares with the national median price estimate of close to $320,000.

A wide range of residential types is also available in the Sarasota real estate market. The buyers’ choices include single family homes, villas, and condominium units, with options on waterfront neighborhoods and golf communities. These market picks cover newly built residences as well as pre-owned dwellings in master-planned developments.

Abundant job and business opportunities

The Sarasota region enjoys a robust economy. Its unemployment rate at 3.8 percent is significantly lower than the national rate of 6.7 percent. The economic drivers and job creators in the region include sectors in travel and tourism, healthcare, education, retail, trades, and professional services.

Sarasota’s leading employers are the local School Board, Sarasota Memorial Health Care, Publix Supermarkets, PGT Industries, and the Sarasota County Government. The region is also host to several business parks like those in the master development of Lakewood Ranch.

Life and leisure amenities for all ages

Sarasota provides wide-ranging life and leisure facilities that match not only varying demographics but also lifestyle preferences. The region hosts several golf and country clubs, recreational parks, and arts and culture venues.

The popular local beaches likewise make living in Sarasota an exciting experience. One of these attractions, the Siesta Key Beach, is a top-rated destination worldwide. Beach-based activities and other outdoor recreational pursuits in Sarasota can be enjoyed practically year-round. The region enjoys an average temperature of 73 degrees and 251 sunny days each year.

Award-winning hospitals and healthcare services

The Sarasota area is noted for its superior hospitals and their professional healthcare services. The healthcare providers in the area include the Sarasota Memorial Health Care and Doctors Hospital. Both have consistent top ratings and service awards in recent years.