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Realtors Are Well-equipped for Market Challenges

Don’t fret much if you plan to buy or sell a residence these days amidst the challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. Many realtors, like our Judy Kepecz-Hays team, are well-equipped and prepared to surmount the difficulties that the world economy is currently facing.

There may even be a silver lining to the present situation, especially for prospective sellers, when many people have to stay at home. Aspiring buyers would have more time to spend browsing online for the property market listing that suits their needs and preferences.

Significantly, the Internet has taken a dominant role in real estate marketing. In an industry study conducted by the National Realtors Association (NAR) and Google, it was shown that 90 percent of residential property buyers searched online during their buying process. The percentage rises to 93 percent for vacation home shoppers, and notably, Florida leads other U.S. states in Google searches of these residential types.

Virtual Tours Deliver

Content-wise, virtual tours and videos are the weighty elements in residential searches, particularly for those scouting for new houses purchase. More than half of respondents in a NAR survey indicated that they first want to see virtual home presentations online before deciding to check out the property in person. Besides the NAR, two industry groups noted in their separate surveys the significant impact of virtual tours on residential property buyers. Here are the findings of these groups:

  • – listed residences with a virtual tour draw 87 percent more views than those without or with just plain pictures
  • – virtual tours engage 40 percent more online viewers, making a listing more saleable.

These findings validate just how vital virtual tours are to the decision-making process of residential buyers before they proceed further to a purchase decision. For this reason, virtual tours are part of our team’s typical luxury property presentations online. One great example of these superbly presented residences is our high-end listing in Lido Beach that comes out truly impressive with its 360-degree, bird’s-eye view photography.

Moreover, we can generate wider access to property sellers. All of our listings are not only featured on the Judy Kepecz-Hays team’s website. Our market entries also have their own page on the website of Coldwell Banker, the real estate franchise to which we are affiliated.

Social Media’s Marketing Muscle

Another marketing platform that we rely on is social media which provide an added online exposure that could help the real estate market go over the hump of Covid-19. Our team actively maintains business pages on Facebook and LinkedIn where we can further promote our sales listings. Our pitches in these social media platforms include not only include property descriptions and pictures but also videos and property tour schedules. Our clients can reach us quickly too via the tools available in these online channels, and we can respond to them as fast.

So much could indeed be done to keep the real estate market stable despite the trying times worldwide. Rest assured that our Judy Kepecz-Hays team is steadfast and well-equipped in providing service to current and future clients. We join everyone in the hope and prayer that all of us stay safe and in good health, and that soon everything shall be back to normal.