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Why Sarasota Neighborhoods Are Looking Hot to Buyers

The times are quite encouraging for homeowners in Sarasota planning to sell their residences. The available supply of residential properties in Sarasota is quite limited moving to end-2021 and into 2022. Many Sarasota neighborhoods thus have be...

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Here’s the Upside of Wooing Foreign Homebuyers

It’s smart to keep foreign buyers in mind if you’re planning to sell your Florida residence. Foreign homebuyers are wont to pay in cash and at prices higher than the amount domestic buyers typically pay.

A survey of the National Associat...

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Sarasota Draws Charms from Its Fascinating History

It’s fascinating to live in Sarasota and trace its quaint history, even for us in the Judy Kepecz-Hays team, long-time Sarasota residents. Looking back at the past comes even more charming now. Over the years, Sarasota has built around its na...

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Why retirees find it is best to live in Sarasota?

The numbers have it. Sarasota is a magnet for retirees, with 42 percent of the county’s population being 65 and older.

The dominance of this demographic in Sarasota was underscored even more in a recent analysis of the U.S. News and World...

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